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For a limited time, SAW Utility Pack Digital Audio Plug-ins, will be offered for a special of only $150 for a limited time for this version! Click here to order now!

Here is a quick overview of the benefits and features:

SAW Utility Pack Digital Audio Plug-ins Overview:

The Meter Bridge contains PEAK Style meters for monitoring any or all channels in SAW. You can select either STEREO or MONO mode, where MONO mode shows only one meter and takes much less room on the desktop. The SE Meter Bridge is a Peak Type meter bridge for SAW. It displays the current loudness in dB of each stereo channel in the multi-track.
You can select either STEREO or MONO mode, where MONO mode shows only one meter and takes much less room on the desktop.
It allows you to NAME a track for easier identification.
There are two viewing scales, Linear and Logarithmic.
You can select from three Peak and Hold options, SHORT, LONG, and INFINITE. The Meters will hold the latest peak amplitiude and then decay down to -inf dB.
Also a Hard Clip option which will stop any overs from occurring. If you are using SAWPro then it can display digital overs above 0 dB. You can use the Peak value displayed here as a guide to either reduce or increase the track's amplitude.
Also a RESET ON RE-CUE option which will reset the meter to -infinity. You can reset the meters by clicking the dB read out above the meters.
The Aux Send Return plug-in is a plug-in which allows you to send audio from one track and return on another track. This is very similar to what is found on most analog mixers. One of the advantages for the Aux Send plug-in is you can use a single Reverb for more than one track. This greatly reduces the CPU load. Use can also use it for virtual mixing (amplitude only).

Features Include:

There are four Aux Send and Return channels. Each Aux Send-Return channel being marked by a different color.
The plug-in allows you to view the tracks which are being used on each Send Channel
The plug-in also allows you to change return tracks without having to go to that particular track.
You can also turn on HARD CLIPPING to stop any digital overs from occurring.
The Stereo Pan plug-in allows you to pan (position) both the left and right channels independently of one another. It works well for drum files where the kick drum is on the left and the snare is one the right. With the Stereo Pan plug-in you can for instance position the kick in the center and the snare midway between the left-center position.

Features Include:

Volume Sliders for each channel (LEFT and RIGHT). You have control over the amplitude of a single channel as will as the ability to GANG both channels together.
Pan Sliders for each channel (LEFT and RIGHT). You can position of each channel independently (ganged, or mirrored) within the stereo field.
Mute either the left or right channel.
Invert the Polarity of either or both channels.
There are two Panning Curves to choose from, Constant Power and Linear. The default is constant power (sin/cos) law.
Hard Clip Enable - When the Hard Clip button is enabled, the plug-in will stop digital overs from occurring.
The Stereo/Mono Pre/Mono Post There are three modes upon which the Stereo Pan can operate. The Stereo mode allows the audio to be processed as a normal stereo file. While in Mono Pre mode, the left and right channels will be summed before they are processed by the plug-in. The Mono Post mode, means that both the left and right channels are processed by the plug-in before they are summed together. For Dolby Pro-Logic users, you can also position sound to the surrounds by first summing to mono and inverting one of the stereo channels.
This will sum the stereo file to two mono files (PreProcess) and then Invert the selected stereo channel.
The BigTime plug-in is used to display the current SMPTE time code in large friendly numbers. If you are unable to be close enough to see SAW's SMPTE time code then this plugin is for you Try the free trial version first, or click here for pricing/to purchase a full version! Order by phone, fax, cheque, money order, or order securely online!

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